interiors: energizing orange

Yes to color therapy! Our living room recently got an update. I’ve always loved the burnt orange walls and neutral sofa with the blue oriental rug. But to freshen this room for summer, I focused on the windows. Those yellow silk drapes made me nervous — four floor-length panels. It was my first time sewing with dupioni silk, but it was amazingly easy, and way more affordable to DIY. I also made new pillow covers (also a newbie at slip covers — an addictive project!) and made some table cloths, then turned my attention to the gallery wall.

I think it turned out great. Whenever we walk into this space, it feels fresh and vibrant. The kids practice their violin here, and it has become our favorite reading room.

This palette just makes me happy.

Orange, yellow and blue room decor
Orange, yellow and blue room decor


Burnt orange, sunshine yellow, blue & white, warm brown, touches of green and pink.
Burnt orange, sunshine yellow, warm brown, blue & white, punch of red, touches of green and pink.

ode to pink

There is just something about pink. It’s the color of cherry blossoms, and of cotton candy, and of pinchable baby cheeks. It’s the color of love. The color for marketing to little girls. The color they once used to calm inmates. I won’t go further into the cultural history of pink, or the politics of pink (anti-pink). For me, pink is a nurturing color. It’s uplifting and comforting, and sometimes I just need some pink. It seems to be my go-to color lately.

lotus flower, 2012, acrylic/paper/shredded money, 22×28
daydream, 2012, acrylic, 18×24
orīre, 2012, acrylic, 22×28 + Giverny, 2012, acrylic, 22×28

la bohème

I recently read Foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge. That was the book on my bedside table throughout the past month of December, and it inspired me to play with words again. I decided to pick up a fresh journal, and it was a reminder to loosen up, to play. The color palette on the cover was an inspiration too: goldenrod yellow, burnt oranges & reds, rose pink, fresh green, sky blue. The cover pictured a woman running/dancing freely with colorful scarves (it reminded me of Cirque du Soleil/circus imagery). So from spending time with this book, out came my groovy new La Bohème painting. The book was a fun reminder about how important it is to relax and let go.

… … …

La Bohème, 2012, acrylic & collage on canvas, 18" x 24"
La Bohème, 2012, acrylic & collage on canvas, 18″ x 24″