Art crush: Zwy Milshtein.
I stumbled upon Zwy Milshtein’s work during an image search for “expressionistic fried egg paintings” (related to a previously mentioned egg dream obsession.) I came across three of his paintings that included fried eggs in a pan = a man after my own heart. When I learned his paintings were featured in the Queen to Play film, I made it a priority to watch it with my finger over the pause button.

Milshtein’s paintings seem like we’re stepping through his personal looking glass, directly into his memories. The work seems so personal and haunting. It’s a safe bet that there’s probably a story behind each of his layered images — there is darkness, there is humor, and layers of people and faces. He shows the occasional feast (with eggs!), cafe tables with wine glasses, nudes and bedroom scenes, mysterious cartoonish mice and cats, and best of all there is evidence of the artist’s hand throughout it all. My eye gets lost in Milshtein’s work, and that’s a good thing.

My art crush-inspired watercolor sketch:

Paris Cafe, 2013, 9" x 12" watercolor.
Paris Cafe, 2013, 9″ x 12″ watercolor.